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July 8, 2022
Lloyd’s Underwriters Syndicate No. 1183 TAL et al. v. McCain Foods Limited et al. –, 2022 NBQB 93 Read Time: 5 minutes (approx.) By: Chloe Jardine (Articling Student) This decision stems from a complex litigation between McCain Foods Ltd. and McCain Foods USA, Inc. (“the Plaintiffs”) and insurer Lloyd’s Underwriters (“the Defendant”). This initial motion...
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Cooperators General Insurance Company et al. v Martin et al., 2022 NBCA 15. Reading Time: 4 Minutes By: Weston McArthur (Articling Student) When a third party is injured by a liable driver in an automobile accident, they can sue the driver and get compensation from their automobile insurance. The importance of this to the automobile...
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Mansour v Rampersad, 2022 ABCA 173 Read Time: 3 minutes (approx.) By: Chloe Jardine (Articling Student) In May 2015, a vehicle owned by Krista Pinksen (“Ms. Pinksen”) was being driven by Roger Rampersad (“Mr. Rampersad”) when it collided with Yaser Mansour’s (“Mr. Mansour”) vehicle. The lengthy legal battle was concerned with the issue of whether...
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