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February 2, 2024
Campus Contracting Inc. v. Torbear Contracting Inc., 2023 ONSC 6782  Reading Time: 4 Minutes (approx.)  By: Alexandre Doucet (Articled Clerk)  The Plaintiff, Campus Contracting Inc., entered into a contract dated December 22, 2005 (“the Contract”) with the Defendant, Torbear Contracting Inc., to provide material and labour for the installation of high-pressured concrete watermains and sewers...
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Cameron v. Pratt, 2023 NSCA 90  Reading Time: 4 Minutes (approx.)  By: Alexandre Doucet (Articled Clerk)  On August 3, 2017, Robert Pratt (Plaintiff in the underlying matter, Respondent in the appeal) was travelling on Brunswick Street in Truro, Nova Scotia on his motorcycle. David Cameron was parked along the shoulder of the road in a...
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Jakupovic v Intact Insurance Company, 2023 CanLii 122890 (CANLAT)  Reading Time: 3 minutes (approx.)  By: Krista Nasartschuk (Articled Clerk)  The Ontario License Appeal Tribunal has determined that notification of a motor vehicle accident does not equate to a notification of injury for the purposes of applying for statutory accident benefits.  Hussein Jakupovic, the Applicant, was...
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