November 3, 2023
William Frank Ralph O/A Motorwerks et al. v. The Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation, 2023 MBKB 116 Reading time: 5 minutes (approx.) By: Alexandre Doucet (Articled Clerk) Mr. and Ms. Ralph (the Plaintiffs) owned a 2009 Dodge Ram truck which was damaged in a tornado in a rural area of Manitoba in August 2018. Mr. Ralph...
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Wiener Stadtische Versicherung AFG v. Infrassure Ltd., 2023 ONSC 5256 Reading time: 4 minutes (approx.) By: Alexandre Doucet (Articled Clerk) On February 6, 2011, a failure occurred in the north-east “tap block” in flash furnace 2 at the Vale Limited smelter in Sudbury, Ontario. That failure then led to a run-out of molten matte (a...
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Duri Homes Ltd v Quest Coating Ltd, 2023 ABCA 276 Reading Time: 3 minutes (approx.) By: Weston McArthur   In April 2016, a house constructed by Duri Homes Ltd (the Appellant) was destroyed in a fire. The Appellant received funds from its insurer to repair the damages, and the insurer initiated a subrogated action against...
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