November 29, 2022
Property Damage Claim
Doucette v City of Charlottetown, 2022 PESC 11 Reading Time: 3 minutes By: Chloe Jardine (Articled Clerk) Gail Doucette (“Plaintiff”) filed an action against the City of Charlottetown (“the City”) following an oil leak at the Sherwood Recreation Hall in 2013. The Plaintiff, who had been residing in her home since 1982, was informed of...
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AIG Insurance Company of Canada v Lloyd’s Underwriters, 2022 ONCA 699. Reading Time: 4 minutes By: Weston McArthur (Articled Clerk) The Forgets owned a home in Timmins, Ontario, which they moved into in 2013. Three years after they moved in, the home experienced progressive damage due to land erosion and instability. The homeowners sued the...
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Emond v Trillium Mutual Insurance Company, 2022 ONSC 5519. Reading time: 6 minutes (approx.) By: Weston McArthur (Articled Clerk) In April 2019, the Emonds’ home was washed into the Ottawa River by flooding. The Emonds had a homeowners’ insurance policy with Trillium Mutual Insurance Company (“Trillium”). This policy included guaranteed rebuilding cost coverage (“GRC”). The...
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