April 28, 2023
Martin et al v Estate of Pierrette Landry and Pembridge Ins. Co., 2023 NBKB 32. Reading Time: 3 minutes  (approx.) By: Weston McArthur (Articled Clerk)  The Plaintiffs were all involved in a motor vehicle accident in which Pierrette Landry (now represented by her Estate) attempted suicide by crossing the center lane into oncoming traffic. Ms. Landry’s insurer was Pembridge...
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Graysbrook Capital Ltd. v Viva Development Inc., 2023 NBKB 35  Reading Time: 3 minutes  (approx.) By: Chloe Jardine (Articled Clerk)  The Plaintiff, Graysbrook Capital Ltd. (“Graysbrook”), pursued a claim against several defendants (“Defendants”) for the balance of a loan for the construction of a building in Saint John, New Brunswick. A fire occurred on March 16, 2022, following which the building was deemed a total loss. The Defendants then pursued a Third-Party...
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Ontario v St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, 2023 ONCA 173   Reading Time: 5 minutes (approx.) By: Chloe Jardine (Articled Clerk)  The appellant, His Majesty the King in the Right of Ontario (herein “Ontario”), appealed a decision which found that its general liability insurer, St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company (herein “the Insurer”), did not have a duty to defend Ontario in a class action as the claims being alleged did...
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