August 29, 2022
Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company v Ridi, 2022 ONCA 564. Reading Time: 2 minutes (approx.) Written By: Weston McArthur (Articled Clerk) Filippo Ridi was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident and became eligible for Ontario Statutory Accident Benefits [hereinafter, “SAB”]. These benefits were paid for by Travelers. At paragraph 3, the Court wrote...
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Irwin v Swift et al, 2022 NBCA 35 Reading Time: 3 minutes (approx.) By: Chloe Jardine (Articled Clerk) This decision arises from a 2018 motor vehicle accident, in which a vehicle driven by Corey Irwin (“the Appellant”) was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Shelley Swift and registered to her husband, Ronald Swift....
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Le v British Columbia (Attorney General), 2022 BCSC 1146 Reading Time: 4 minutes (approx.) By: Chloe Jardine (Articled Clerk) In May 2021, British Columbia adopted a reformed approach to automobile insurance. Among these changes was a limit of 6% – of total damages awarded at trial or agreed to in settlement – that a successful...
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