March 31, 2016
Cameron v Economical Mutual Insurance Co., 2016 PESC 6 This motion for summary judgment was brought to determine whether a ruptured pipe that caused water damage in the insured’s home occurred within an “unheated portion” of the house. The insured owned a seasonal home which was occupied full-time during the summer and on some weekends...
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Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Co. of Canada v Snow, 2016 NSCA 7 This case was an appeal by the insurer of a decision by a motions judge that held that the land underneath the insured’s home was covered under an “all risks” insurance policy for the purpose of remediating the effects of an oil...
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Garden View Restaurant Ltd. v Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Co., 2016 NSCA 8 In this decision, a companion to the decision in Royal & Sun Alliance v Snow, above, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the lower court denying a claim for coverage in circumstances somewhat similar to Snow. In...
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