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Catherine McLatchie
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No matter what your profession or your life experience, being involved in a law suit can be stressful. As your lawyer, it’s my job to help you to understand the legal challenges you face, and then to guide you to your best possible outcome.

I assist my clients with a wide range of challenges that come before Atlantic Canada’s civil courts. I most frequently resolve insurance disputes, providing opinions on insurance coverage and developing strategies to resolve insurance claims. I also help my clients to resolve personal injury claims, professional negligence claims (including medical malpractice or medical mistake), commercial disputes, and employment disputes. Being a former reporter, I especially love working with media organizations who wish to challenge publication bans, to enforce Right to Information requests, or to defend against defamation claims.

I am a member of the Law Society of New Brunswick and its Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Committee, the Canadian Media Lawyers Association (‘Ad IDEM’), the York-Sunbury Law Society, and the Canadian Bar Association.

I am a Board Member of ArtsNB (New Brunswick’s provincial funder for artists) and a past member of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce’s Physician Recruitment Committee.

Before becoming a lawyer, I worked for many years as a journalist with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I remain an avid follower of current affairs and politics.

When not working for my clients, I enjoy traveling with my young family around the Maritimes and beyond.