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In Franz Kafka’s novel “The Trial” the story’s protagonist, Josef, awakes one morning at home to find himself under arrest by strange men. The men won’t tell Josef what offence he is charged with or what the punishment might be. They let Josef go free, but later a phone call summons him to court. Josef eventually finds his way through the muggy, labyrinth-like courthouse to his hearing, but he can’t understand the bizarre proceedings! Although “The Trial” is fiction, Canada’s legal system can be equally bewildering for those who have to defend themselves against a lawsuit or seek compensation for injuries. I can help.

As an associate lawyer at Foster & Company, I bring and defend lawsuits on behalf of our clients. I act in lawsuits relating to car accidents, construction projects, insurance claims and more. I’ve worked on multi-million dollar cases and small claims worth only a few thousand dollars. My job is to explain the law, advise you of your options and secure the best possible outcome for you.

Why hire me? First, I worked for years as a tutor and teaching assistant. Because of this, I can explain unfamiliar legal jargon to you in a way you can understand. Second, I was Co-Editor-in-Chief of the University of New Brunswick Law Journal. You can sleep easy, knowing that any document I submit on your behalf will have its i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Third, I have a Master’s Degree in Philosophy. You won’t find another lawyer who can argue the justice of your cause like I can.

If you have a legal problem, call me or email me. Even if your issue is outside my area of expertise, I’m happy to direct you to an appropriate expert. To see my resume, check out my profile on LinkedIn.