Notice to Clients Regarding COVID-19

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01 Apr 2020

Employment issues resulting from COVID-19

by Andrew Moss

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Brunswickers may be prevented from working for several reasons:

  • Illness and quarantine due to contracting COVID-19;
  • Quarantine due to travel or exposure;
  • Caring for sick family members;
  • Supervising children because of school closures; and
  • Layoffs resulting from businesses closing or downsizing

Employees who are prevented from working may be eligible for benefits from the...

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01 Mar 2020

No benefits when insured is killed in motor vehicle accident overseas

by Admin

Wage v. Canadian Direct Insurance, 2020 ABCA 49

Leizle and Al-Reshman Wage resided in Alberta and were insured by Canadian Direct Insurance pursuant to a standard automobile insurance policy, including an SEF 44 Family Protection Endorsement.  Pursuant to an SEF 44 endorsement, the insurer agrees to pay compensatory damages to the insured if they are injured or killed by an inadequately insured motorist.  While vacationing in the...

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01 Mar 2020

Insurers dispute priority of coverage when car strikes man climbing into his vehicle.

by Admin

Liberty Mutual Insurance v. Intact Insurance, 2019 NLCA 76

On April 13, 2017, Mervin Bridle was standing behind his employer's vehicle, a large SUV, loading equipment into the trunk.  Mr. Bridle heard another vehicle moving behind him and turned to see a Chevrolet Silverado coming towards him in reverse.  In a desperate attempt to avoid being struck, Mr. Bridle tried to jump into the trunk of his employer’s vehicle.  Tragically, Mr. Bridle’s...

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01 Mar 2020

Homeowners’ licensed medical marijuana grow operation voids insurance policy.

by Admin

Schellenberg v. Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company, 2020 BCCA 22.

Bob and Linda Schellenberg owned a house and a two-storey building at their property in Chilliwack, British Colombia.  The Schellenbergs insured the property with a policy underwritten by Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company and procured by insurance broker Hub International Canada West.

In approximately 2012, Health Canada granted the Schellenbergs licenses to produce medical...

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02 Feb 2020

Homeowner insurer ordered to defend its insured following a road rage incident

by Médérik Menard

Pembridge Insurance Company of Canada v. Chu, 2019 ONCA 904

This case is an appeal from a motion judge’s decision that a driver’s home insurer was under no duty to defend the driver following a road rage where the insured got out of his vehicle, threatened the other driver with violence, yelled at them, hit the window and other parts of their vehicle and made gestures causing the other driver and his passenger to fear for their lives.
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