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Media Law

Foster & Company cuts through red tape and legal procedure to help the media to report the news.

Foster & Company believes that our courtrooms should be open to public scrutiny and our governments should be transparent and quick to share information. However, when reporters go about gathering news for us all they are often obstructed by red tape and legal procedure.

Our lawyers represent media agencies by cutting through these obstacles. We access information held by government agencies and open legal proceedings to public scrutiny. We lift publication bans and sealing orders that block media from reporting on important matters. We also provide pre-publication advice to print, broadcast and online news agencies, and defend against defamation claims brought against media agencies.

Our lawyers have ample experience working with media. Former Registrar of the Court of Appeal, Michael Bray Q.C., assisted reporters for decades to access the courts. Matthew Pearn understands your needs from first hand experience, having worked as a reporter and news reader for CBC Radio here in New Brunswick and in Nunavut.